After trauma it is often necessary to restore tissue that has been damaged or lost. Scientific progress enables us to not only repair but regenerate new functional tissue, thus greatly enhancing the patient’s quality of life after injury.

Trauma Care Consult features 20 years of experience in the regeneration of bone & ligament, cartilage, neural and soft tissue.

Bone & Ligament Regeneration

Injuries of bones and ligaments are a frequent consequence of trauma. Systemic conditions, advanced patient age or insufficient blood supply can lead to compromised healing. Research performed by T.C.C. aims at achieving successful healing via improved surgical techniques and graft materials.



Cartilage Regeneration

Articular cartilage defects are caused by trauma, long-term abuse or genetic disposition. Due to its avascular nature, cartilage lacks the ability for self-healing. State of the art treatments combine cells with scaffold materials to fill the defect. T.C.C. is working on improving those techniques to ensure the formation of stable high-quality cartilage.




Damage to the nervous system severely affects sensibility and motor skills. Patients face long rehabilitation phases and sometimes permanent impairment. In various research projects T.C.C. aims to develop new surgical and therapeutic approaches for the regeneration of central and peripheral nerves.



Wound healing

Impaired wound healing is on the rise, often linked to diabetes or long confinement to bed. Regeneration is complex, as a variety of soft tissues such as skin, blood vessels or muscles can be involved. In its research, T.C.C. puts an emphasis on non-invasive techniques to stimulate healing of even chronic wounds.